Business Communication

Business communication skills are one of the areas that can cost you an absolute fortune when you get it wrong. We’re not just talking about in the obvious area like lost deals, strike action from disgruntled employees or refund applications for the product or service that you sell.

There are things like productivity that is less than optimal because nobody is 100% clear on the game plan. Time wasted on things that should have already been clearly stated and which every member of your team ought to know but they’re still at the ” What do I do next” ? stage.

In business communication there are many stages that you should be working on constantly. These can be broken down into three main areas.

Communication with clients or customers.

Communication with parners or suppliers

Internal communication between teams and management

The last item on the list can be broken down further into management communication. This should take account of feedback from all of the other areas above. That is to say, that before any decisions are made the management must have information on what is going on in the world outside of  and inside of the business. Knowing this will make the decision making process clearer as you are no longer guessing.

This may involve setting up team feedback mechanisms whereby team members can comment on what they believe the roadblocks are to growing and maintaining your business. Because your teams are at the front line with your clients then they will know better than anyone which areas you can improve to increase sales or reduce refunds.

These mechanisms will generally work better if they are systemized. Once you have these systems in place you will have set mechanisms that every body knows and has agreed on.

This brings me nicely to my next point.

There is more to businesss communication than simply being open with each other or having feedback mechanisms in place. There is also the thing that so many folks miss which is quite simply…What is the big idea for the business  ? What are the values that you all agree on that you can rally staff, teams customers and partners behind. This is getting into the areas of marketing but is relevant nonetheless.

Having a common song sheet for everyone to sing from will create better harmony within your organisation. It will create focus  and a touch stone that you can bring customers, teams and clients back to as well as partners and supppliers. You will be creating a set of values around which everything else revolves ane which will set the stage for the way that you do business.

Once these values are in place then you need to be constantly reminding all of your stakeholders that this is what you and your organisation are all about…

The effect will be to position you and your company as the market leader for those values. Everone else who adopts those values later will look like a ” yeah me too” copycat outfit…

Remember, the way to becoming the market leader is to dominate the decision making processes that your clients make. The first one you must get them to make is that you are the logical, if not, the only choice  .