Communication Skills

Top communication skills is all about making you more effective, happier and better off…

Our belief is that your ability to communicate effectively will determine the quality of the rest of your life. In every area !

Tony Robbins the famous NLP trainer says something very similar. If  your communication skills need some work then by default so does every other area of the way that you work, relate or run your business.

The costs of  not being able to get your message across are huge.

The amount of money you will make will be severely curtailed. Nobody wants to employ someone or do business with you if you come across in a way that will damage their reputation.

The number of close friendships you will enjoy will be diminished. Just like in the example above. People are aware that they are judged by the company that they keep. You’re certainly great company but it’s a bit like being a diamond. Sometimes you can benefit from a bit of a polish and the removal of some extra bits that don’t add anything to who you are…

Your family life will be less than harmonious and typically you’re going to spend more time debating about who is right than you will working out how to create solutions to your problems.

There are other factors you may not have considered.

The way that you communicate may make other people view you as being less desirable as partners in intimate relationships, business or for social groups. Imagine seeing your dream lover across a crowded bar or coffee shop.  You are completely clueless about what to say to them and spend the evening being confused and angry because you can’t come up with the right words.  And then you watch , in frustration as they leave with their new friend who has been confidently talking to them all night. Grrrrr…..!

Let’s face it. It’s no fun being on the outside with your nose pressed up against the glass. On the inside everybody else is enjoying success and having fun.

We intend to let you in on ways that you can make yourself better at making your self understood AND at understanding new ways to really “get” what other folks mean when they talk to you.

This may seem unimportant to you right now and that’s OK.

The thing is you have never been taught just how important these skills really are. And because they are just skills that means that you can learn them too. Once you have learned them if you practise them  on a regular basis they will become part of who you are and people will start to see you differently and treat you better.

The reason that this is the case is because you are judged,( like it or not), on the way that people perceive you. You are judged on who people think you are.

So how do they arrive at their perceptions about you ?

Well there are lots of different things that affect this.

Your body language is the first thing that causes people to make a judgement about you. Body language is an unconscious communication skill. Over 80 % of all human communication is unconscious. That is to say that you are not consciously aware of the information even going in. Think of this as a kind of mental short hand that your brain has developed over hundreds of thousands of years. It would have developed in the savannahs of Africa maybe even before we even descended from the trees.

In that primordial dog eat dog world the first thing we had to decide was ” Is this person going to kill me ?”. This is still hard wired into your brain. Unfortunately even in the modern world our ancient knee jerk reactions kick in.

And you’re not even aware of it.

By modifying the way that you stand and walk you will give people who are important in your life ( or those that you want to be important in your life) a completely different first impression of who you are. First impresssions do count and you only get one chance to make  a good first impression

After you’ve made that first contact there are lots of other steps that you will need to take, towards getting what you want.

One important thing to remember.

Be interested in the other person. Genuinely interested.

This next bit may be hard to swallow but everyone ( and this may also include you ) loves being the center of attention.  So what can you do to make the other person feel like they are important to you ? What language skills can you use that will get that person believing that you genuinely care about their opinion.

” Wait a minute”,  I hear you say…”What about me ? When does my moment of glory come ?”. Maybe you haven’t noticed yet that folks who are genuinely interested in others tend to do better in life. Heck even politicians do alright and most of them are just pretending to care.

Our aim is not to get you into the Whitehouse. We work on the principle that everyone has certain unalienable rights and one of those rights is the right to have great fulfilling relationships with other folks that they want to be with…

Because there is so much information that we have to share with you we have split each of the main areas of communication skills into seperate pages so that you can select the bits you’re most interested in. Simply choose your area of interest from the pages menu on the left of this page. We’re going to be adding more great content to this site as we develop and grow it.

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